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After having used drugs and alcohol for years, addicts generally have an accumulation of dangerous substances compiled within their body, and their resistance to addictive substances and alcohol is dangerously elevated. This can endanger the body along with the mind, and make recovering from addiction all the more challenging. Detoxification (also known as detox) is a medical procedure that purges addictive substances, cleansing them from the body. Detox is NOT the same as rehab, and must not be mistaken for rehab programs. Detox centers realizes that the detox procedure could be terrifying for those who have been using for a few years, however a safe and medically supervised procedure can mean success many people.

The goal of detox is to purge all damaging drugs and alcohol from the addict’s body in a safe, easy way. Alcohol, heroin, meth amphetamines, cocaine, ecstasy, opium, crack, and prescribed drugs are just some of the many different types of drugs that may necessitate an initial detox period in order for treatment to start. For instance, prior to coming into a program, the addict must detox from alcohol. Medically skilled professionals are on staff at detox centers to make certain that their clients obtain the best possible level of concern and attention. ‘Cold turkey’ is a particularly dangerous detox approach that might lead to a diminished well-being and, in a few cases, death. The methods utilized by detox centers are certified to be safe, and thought of within the rehabilitation community to be clinically sound.

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